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Sassy Minibang Art -

First, you should go and read the story by discreetmaths</lj>discreetmath, because my art post contains some spoilers for the story and is NSFW!

You can find it if you click on this banner:

(Link is going to be added later!)

As for the art, I wanted to draw Sam and Castiel sitting on the porch swing of "their" cabin and just watch serenely into the distance :)

Also, I wanted to do a second picture but alas, I didn't manage to finish it.
Real life and hauling boxes got into my way (it's not even fixed properly, but I really wanted to add it, too, because I liked the scene)

Anyway, I hope you have fun reading the story and I'm going to see you soon again for my spn_j2_xmas-post :)
And I know a friend's going to crucify me for this pairing XD
Tags: art, minibang, sassy, spn:castiel, spn:sam
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