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Aslum Europe 2

I'm not even sure I can remember everything, because it was such a blast :) Also, I'm sure you can find better reports about the panels than what I can remember. (I was busy taking pictures, too!)

The Coffee Lounge was such a great experience, especially because of the seat I managed to snag *G*
Also, my fellow attendees were awesome, too!
Even if I just managed to stammer something in his presence. When Jensen entered the room, I think the first thing he did was asking who of us were from Germany. About 15 of us raised our hands XD The first question asked was about Dean's anime design, because Jensen told at the spanish con last year that he and Jared gave their okay to their anime design and despite Jensen having more green-ish eyes, anime!Dean ended up with brown eyes.
Jensen answered that he was sure that "green eyes" were included in the designs shown to him and he has no idea where the brown comes from.
I had to giggle when the woman who asked the question also mentioned Dean's terrible stepjacket. Jensen now wants to check it out because he hasn't seen it so far.

Also, he talked a bit about doing the voice work for the last two anime episodes, which was really interesting, especially due to the way he was telling it (LOL that he mentioned the problem with five english words being just one in japanese XD).

When he asked our group who also had seen the anime, I was the only one who raised a hand. (Seriously, if you haven't seen it, give it a chance, it's awesome!!) He then looked at me and asked me if I liked it.

All I could do was stammer that I really enjoyed watching it. *facepalm* Way to embarass myself in front of him.

What was also interesting was the question about there being more seasons after season 7. Jensen said that his and Jared's contract would be over with season 7, but since the show has steady (and comparably good) ratings and a strong following, he doesn't think it has to be over with season 7. Yay! And okay, I admit that I nearly giggled when he said that the CW needs such steady shows. That's what I've been thinking for about 2 seasons now.

Other questions were about him working with the babies in "Two and a Half Men" (and one baby which didn't stop crying despite everything they tried... and when they gave Jensen another baby to hold, well... that one had a stinky diaper. Jensen mimed holding it away from him and said "I'm not changing that" with a hilarious expression. Or there was one about future projects (and movies). He told us that he won't do anything this summer, because he'll direct another episode. Preparations for it will start at 26.06. and he really doesn't have time for another project. Though a movie next summer wouldn't be out of question for him :D So yay for us!
And there was a question about the casting of "Ten Inch Hero", because it reads like a "Who's who" at the CW, LOL! (the girl who asked the question phrased it like that). He told us that he was actually the first one who got approached about the movie and after he told them that he's interested in it, there was one year silence before he heard anything about the project again XD

I don't have more to tell because I was distracted by how riddiculous handsome he is ("Male model-type", indeed!) 

I still haven't sorted through all of my pictures, there's just too many of them. But I can post some from the J²-panel on Sunday, that's the only panel I've sorted through so far (damn you, real life, for distracting me!) Also, please don't re-use my pictures without asking me first :(


This is a bit blurry, but I wanted to include it nonetheless:

And, last but not least, the autographs I got from the J's

I got Jared to sign it first and he started to sign on the wrong side of the picture XD But he asked me if I did draw this and all I could do was to splutter “Y-yes” *facepalm* He said a bit more but I can’t remember what exactly because of my nervousness.
Jensen just laughed when he saw it :D

Also, I hung around nearly the whole time with leyla_lovely  and it was awesome ♥ MISS YOU DARLING!!
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